Hello Hello,
a little throwback to a year ago. I  had the worst time, i blew my ACL (beginning of Oct) had to do surgery, then rehab and couldn’t ride my snowboard for a long long time. Now, I’m so thankfull that everything went so well. I thought that i couldn’t ride or do anything last season, but it turned out so good. I got on the Split Board first and it was such a unreal feeling to be back riding. Then i rode slopes with friends and with the time i was feeling it again. :) Spring treated me so good, I went to Superpark 17 and then to Onboard SendOff Session. I was so hyped on these 2 trips. Awesome People, Sunshine, sick jumps and I even could shoot some stuff and send it. Now, I’m really really happy and thankfull to be on my board and shred it up. See you on the Mountain. cheers werni

MY BOYS SHREDDING IT UP - 13. October 2014

Hey Hey,
today i wanna show you the Videoparts of Tom Klocker and Mario Wanger. Those two are an insane laught factory. hahaha Check out these 2 Banger Parts of my best friends. Hyped on you guys. Keep on shredding. YEAH Boy’z and Toyz  cheers werni


Hey Hey,
I’m back on my website. It’s time to be on it again hehe. Preseason shred is on and it’s such a blast. Shredding with all my friends up in Hintertux is a dream. There is nothing better then that. Especially now after a summer full of travelling thru USA, Costa Rica and Panama I’m so hyped to be back shredding. Last weekend the legendary HotZone.tv Hintertux Opening was on, happy people, sunshine, perfect park,… everybody had such a good time shredding it up. I love to see when people are stoked and happy to back on the board. Session of the Dudes was crazy, Sebbe, Rowan, Clemens, Seppe, Simon, Flo, Sane Crew… were killing it. Little edit from  Saturday below. Any news will drop asap. hehehe cheers werni


Hey Hey,
hope you’re all doing good. Since 1 month I’m back on my Board and i can’t tell you guys how good it feels. I’m really really thankfull to be back. Can’t complain anything. I started off easy with some splitboard tours over to riding slopes with hitting bumps and jibbing around and last week it was time to hit some jumps in the Park to get some airtime. Whattttt a feeling. I’m shredding all day and almost everyday. I love it ssooo much. I really wanna thank you all. So much support, help and love. ::)) The last couple off days have been the best. Shredding powder all day long, smiles top to bottom, friends,… More then i could ask for. Wish you all a nice spring and enjoy your day. More news will follow soon. By the way check out that Edit i attached, i really miss that crew. Lokking forward to do this soon. cheers werni

TIME FOR AN UPDATE - 3. February 2014

Hey Hey,
hope you’re all doing good. Sorry for beeing of my website for quite a bit. Injury, Lazyness,… It’s been a long long time since I was snowboarding the last time. But in about 1,5 months i will be back on board. I’m sssoo ready for it. In the last couple of months I did endless Rehab and crazy sick workouts. Sport Med Tirol and Amobi Sports and Trainings Soltutions did such a great job. Thanks you guys so much. I can’t explain you guys how hyped I’m to get back on my board. WOAHHHHH, I can’t believe it. Soon will be my time to shred and hit some pow. I’m a really lucky guy. I have so many people backing me, my girl, friends all over the world, family stock & egger, all you, burton crew, burn guys, adidas fellas, Pirates crew, hotzone homies, zillertaler locals,… I’m surrounded by so many nice, true and incredibel people. Thank you all so much!!! What i can tell you, I will be back so motherf.cking strong. Happy Werndawg is back soon. hehehe cheers werni